Michael Dennis


Michael Dennis

I’m a copy editor and developmental editor with 15 years experience in publishing. I specialize in religious-themed books, and I have expertise in the beliefs and practices of all Christian denominations and faith expressions.

Much of my background is with books about the Amish, Mennonites, and other so-called Plain or Old Order groups. My knowledge base also extends to Catholicism and the mainstream Protestant denominations. Besides religion, my interests as an editor include history, music, and current events. I have edited fiction and nonfiction for religious publishers, as well as trade books for general interest mainstream publishers

Work Experience

Freelance Book Editor

Copy and developmental editing for numerous freelance clients, including Good Books, Skyhorse Publishing, CreateSpace, Fox Chapel, and Deep River Books.

Managing Editor

Herald Press

Supervised the publication of 15 to 20 books and CDs per year. Managed all phases of production, from line editing manuscripts to finalizing camera-ready files for the printer. Liaised with authors; hired and supervised copy editors, artists, and designers; and wrote catalogue and cover copy.


  • Biblical Studies Certificate, Lancaster Bible College, 2011

Book Editing Services

  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing


  • Christian
  • Historical Fiction
  • Inspirational


  • History
  • Music
  • Religion & Spirituality

Portfolio (selected titles)

Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School

John L Ruth

This sensitive and thoughtful meditation on the horrific events of October 2, 2006, reflects on the response of the Amish community of Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where a gunman killed himself, five school children, and wounded five others. The tragic crime evoked expressions of shock and sympathy worldwide. But even many Christians were stunned when the Amish community…

The Homestead: The Dakota Series, Book 1

Linda Byler

Hannah is a fifteen-year-old Amish girl who lives on her family’s farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When her family, hit hard by the Great Depression, loses their farm, Hannah’s father decides it’s time for a fresh start. Destitute but inspired by grand plans and dreams of a better future west of Lancaster, he loads his family and what little they have left into their covered wagon.

Hope on the Plains: The Dakota Series, Book 2

Linda Byler

The follow-up to The Homestead in bestselling Amish novelist Linda Byler’s Dakota Series, set during the Great Depression. Hannah, a feisty young Amish woman, lives on her family’s farm in North Dakota. After moving halfway across the country and struggling to land on their feet, Hannah’s family is finally feeling settled. The cattle business is doing well, and other Amish families have moved …

Sadie’s Montana Trilogy: Three Bestselling Novels in One

Linda Byler

Sadie Miller didn’t know what to expect when her family left Ohio for the small Montana Amish settlement—certainly not horse thieves, mysterious men, or her family falling apart. Can Sadie find her place in this wild, Western community, far from the familiar—and discover love along

Living Without Electricity: Lessons from the Amish

Stephen Scott, Kenneth Pellman

In a modern world where technology is taking over our lives, could we lead an essential, simple life without electricity? How can we get by without computers, power tools, phones, or even basics such as electric lights and appliances? The answers lie in Amish communities and other Old Order groups in the United States, Canada, and Mexico that have been living lives off the grid while still…the way?

Fruit for the Spirit, Meat for the Grill: Co-Founder of Traeger Woodfire Grills Shares Trade Secrets… with a Side of Wisdom

Randy Traeger

Ever try to prepare a new meal without using the recipe? You may have all the cooking utensils, but without directions and the proper measurements, you could create a giant mess! Preparing young men for manhood is no different. They need guidance, and to be instilled with the right “ingredients” to become men whose lives will honor their friends, families, and God.

Strive: Life is Short, Pursue What Matters

Tim Hiller

StriveTim Hiller was in the throes of NFL training camp striving for a prized spot on the Indianapolis Colts’ roster, when six words abruptly changed his course: \”We have to let you go.\” Like Tim, we are all striving for something every minute of the day, everyday-career aspirations, social status, better parenting, friendship, love, fame, financial security, achievement, and more.

The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book by By the breast-health experts at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center (Oct 1 2012)

The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book is the trusted resource for anyone wanting reliable information about this dreaded disease. Mayo Clinic set out to provide comprehensive and up-to-date facts in easy-to-understand language. They’ve succeeded in this handbook for those who’ve been diagnosed, or for those who want to give sensitive and helpful support to someone with breast cancer. The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book stands out for its tone of companionship, as well as for the many patient stories that appear throughout the book.

10 Leadership Maneuvers: A General’s Guide to Serving and Leading

Loren M. Reno

The best leadership skills are Bible-based, and they work. Three-star general Loren Reno practiced leadership at the highest levels in the US military. In 10 Leadership Maneuvers, Reno shares the skills that brought him success in small and large organizations, at junior and senior positions, in times of prosperity, and in times of challenge. In this personal and highly practical resource…

The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated: A Practical Guide to Investing Your Money for Ultimate Results

Alan Gotthardt

NOW WITH 30% NEW CONTENT, including fresh insights from the author and featuring guest commentary from world-class kingdom investors, David Wills, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Todd Harper, Larry Powell, Heather Tuininga, Lorne Jackson and Jack Alexander.Introducing the Illuminated Edition More than a decade ago, The Eternity Portfolio presented a groundbreaking framework for managing your money…

Healthcare Economics and Finance for Advanced Practice Nurses and Clinical Professionals by Mary Paterson (2014-05-24)