Linda Bennett

Linda BennettLinda Bennett has been an editor and writer for nearly 30 years, working with both fiction and nonfiction. 

Linda edits devotionals, Sunday school curriculums, articles for magazines and websites, and sermons. She has spent thousands of hours editing Christian material because the message is important to her.


Christian Titles Include:

  • The Test of True Love by Jennifer Conway – a Christian romance between a peasant clergyman and a princess (Linda is mentioned in the Acknowledgments section of this book)
  • Everything Has Two Handles by Dr. Ron Pies – how Stoic philosophy resonates with Christianity and other world views (Linda is mentioned in the Acknowledgments section of this book)
  • The Blink of an Eye by Carolyn Smith – a pastor’s wife has her faith tested by the sudden and unexpected death of her son
  • No Greater Love by Jennifer Conway – a Christian romance dealing with sacrifice, grace, forgiveness, and the power of God
  • Cutter, My Christmas Gift by Michael Smith – a family reunites for the holidays after the passing of their patriarch, a pastor in the rural Midwest
  • The Judaic Foundations of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy by Dr. Ron Pies – how CBT relies on philosophical principles found in both ancient and modern Judaic writings
  • ‘Till Death Do Us Part by Jennifer Conway – a Christian romance/adventure about redemption and the power of God making all things new
  • Random Shots at a Moving Target by Dr. H. D. Lambeth – philosophical essays about the power of Christian faith in facing life’s challenges

As a writer herself, Linda understands what it’s like to have someone pick apart something you’ve worked hard to perfect.  But a second pair of eyes offers a fresh perspective to ensure that what you’ve created is understandable, engaging, and well written.  Clients have praised and appreciated Linda’s attention to detail and focus on improving the quality of their writing.  Linda will handle your writing with care so it keeps the voice and tone you used when you wrote it, and she’ll make constructive comments and offer objective suggestions with professionalism and respect.

Additional Editing and Writing Services

  • Thesis and Dissertations for graduate students
  • Fiction and nonfiction for published authors, including novels, short stories, poetry, religion, and philosophy
  • Business and marketing collateral for Fortune 500 companies
  • Peer-reviewed articles for academic and scientific journals
  • IT books published by Sybex, Ventana, Macmillan, and Sage
  • Research reports and surveys for government organizations
  • Website content, business plans, corporate overviews, and case studies

Client Feedback

“You do excellent work. Thanks for your comments as much as your editing. I greatly value your input and have learned a lot from your comments. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the time, thought, and effort you put into editing my manuscript. I have said it before but it bears repeating: the book is better in every imaginable way because of your help.” ~ Mike Smith, Author, Kevin Murphy and the Father of Lies

“Linda has been my go-to person for writing and editing services for more than 15 years. Linda can spot even the tiniest error or inconsistency and make problematic writing perfect. She is an excellent communicator and can write about any topic. She is professional, dependable, and a joy to work with.” ~ Stephen Lambeth

“My writing greatly improved with your help.” ~ Bob Richardson

“Linda possesses a rare combination of creative brilliance and clear-minded business savvy.” ~ Michael Wist

“I have had the privilege to work with Linda three times and it was a fantastic experience. Her communication skills are exceptional and her feedback is beneficial and extensive. She clarifies my questions and concerns and helps me convey my messages. Linda goes above and beyond.” ~ Cindy Esmail

“Linda has edited several professional journal articles for me, one of which was subsequently accepted for publication. The article that was accepted had been previously rejected prior to having Linda edit it. She works quickly and competently.” ~ Walter Wessels, Professor of Economics

“The editing Linda did was quite excellent. The finished version looks amazing!” ~ Michael Hein

“I tend to write in circles sometimes or overemphasize things, which can take away from the clarity. Linda’s expertise is awesome. I really appreciate her work and turnaround time.” ~ Ryan James

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linda for more than 10 years. She’s always been highly engaged and resourceful. She’s capable of producing great content.  Working with her has been a pleasure.” ~ Jason S. Morga

“We have found Linda’s quality to be quite good, and we want to continue to use her services where we have a need an editor for our most important projects.” ~ Tara Simms, publisher

“Linda has been an invaluable asset to our content development for more than 10 years. Her work product is excellent: cogent, well-researched, well-edited, and aligned with strategic direction. She can be counted on to deliver on her commitments and regularly provides value-add in terms of additional lines of thought or approaches to addressing the topic at hand.” ~ Brian Tague,

“She is one of the best writers I have worked with in more than 15 years in the industry.” ~ Steve Sprague

“Thanks, Linda, for your terrific work.” ~ Amy Grundman

“Linda delivers high-quality work on time and on budget. She has a strong skill set in writing and editing, and was a real pleasure to work with.” ~ Donna Tarlton

“I want to thank Linda for the excellent quality of the writing and editing she provides for our magazine. She is skilled and knowledgeable, and the articles she provides always receive favorable comments from our readers. Her research is detail-oriented and thorough and she is able to meet our tight schedules without compromising quality.” ~ Paul Byles

“Your writing is wonderful! Our VP said that it was the first time he’s not had to edit anyone’s writing, and he is extremely impressed with your skill. Thank you so much for your tremendous help. I don’t know if we could have done it without you. You wrote a beautiful presentation on our behalf and I know that it helped a great deal in our winning the Urban Land Institute Award. ~ Nancy Smith

“Your work was professional, courteous, timely, and high quality. We know the assignment we gave you was not an easy one and we were extremely pleased with the work you did for us.” ~ Chris Paul