Sandra Judd

Editor, Proofreader and Indexer

Sandra Judd - Christian Editor, Proofreader and IndexerSandra is an editor, proofreader, and indexer with more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. She has edited or proofread more than 300 published books. From helping the author to mold the bigger picture to perfecting the details of grammar and punctuation, she covers every aspect of the editing process, bringing a polish to each work.


Sandra has extensive experience in Christian publishing and has worked on books in nearly every area of the field, including devotionals, Bible commentaries, self-help topics, Bible dictionaries, young adult works, and fiction, including romance, mystery, historical, thriller, courtroom drama, and Amish. Her clients have included HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, Word, Baker Books, Revell, Chosen Books, Servant Publications, and Our Sunday Visitor, and she has been privileged to work with such distinguished authors as Martha Bolton, Patsy Clairmont, Melody Carlson, Colleen Coble, Beth Wiseman,  Ted Dekker, Max Lucado, Florence Littauer, and Dr. Kevin Leman.

Editing Services

Sandy strives for precision in language and is devoted to making the author’s voice heard.

  • Proofreading and copyediting
  • Stylistic editing
  • Substantive editing
  • Indexing
  • Fiction: Thrillers, mysteries, Christian, historical fiction
  • Nonfiction: Inspirational, self-help, business, science and medicine, ethnology, history, political science, memoirs, scholarly/textbooks

Books Published/Edited

Partial list of edited books

  • Never the Whole Story by Anita Skeen, Michigan State University Press, 2011
  • Eating Disorders Sourcebook, Third Edition edited by Sandra J. Judd, Omnigraphics, 2011
  • Sacrifice by Rene Girard, Michigan State University Press, 2011
  • When Your Doctor Says: Diabetes edited by David. A. Cooke, KWS Publishers, 2010
  • When Your Doctor Says: Heart Disease edited by David A. Cooke, KWS Publishers, 2010
  • Blood and Circulatory Disorders Sourcebook, Third Edition edited by Sandra J. Judd, Omnigraphics, 2010
  • Lithuanians in Michigan by Marius K. Grazulis, Michigan State University Press, 2009
  • Genetic Disorders Sourcebook, 4th Edition edited by Sandra J. Judd, Omnigraphics, 2009
  • Finns in Michigan by Gary Kaunonen, Michigan State University Press, 2009
  • Men’s Health Concerns Sourcebook, 3d Edition edited by Sandra J. Judd, Omnigraphics, 2009
  • Tsodillo Hills: Copper Bracelet of the Kalahari by Alec C. Campbell, Michigan State University Press, 2008
  • Yankees in Michigan by Brian C. Wilson, Michigan State University Press, 2008
  • Copts in Michigan by Eliot Dickinson, Michigan State University Press, 2008
  • Routes of Passage: Rethinking the African Diaspora, Volume 1, Part 2 by Ruth Sims Hamilton, Michigan State University Press, 2007
  • Adult Health Concerns Sourcebook edited by Sandra J. Judd, Omnigraphics, 2007
  • Belgians in Michigan by Bernard A. Cook, Michigan State University Press, 2007
  • Michigan’s Economic Future by Charles L. Ballard, Michigan State University Press, 2006
  • The Cafeteria Lady Eats Her Way Across America (And Lives to Tell about It) by Martha Bolton, Gospel Light Publications, 2006
  • Tender Journey: A Story for Our Troubled Times by James P. Gill, Strang Communications, 2006
  • Mark: Parables of Jesus, Nelson Impact, 2006
  • Jewish Life in the Industrial Promised Land 1855–2005 by Nora Faires and Nancy Hanflik, Michigan State University Press, 2005
  • Redeemed to Overcome by Drexel Pope Sr., Strang Communications, 2005
  • How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist by Michael Dubruiel, Our Sunday Visitor, 2005
  • Look for Me All Around You: Anglophone Caribbean Immigrants in the Harlem Renaissance by Louis J. Parascandola, Wayne State University Press, 2005
  • Walt Whitman: The Journalism, Volume 2 edited by Herbert Bergman, Douglas A. Noverr, and Edward J. Recchia, University of Iowa Press, 2004

Sandra Judd partial List of edited books

Partial List of Books Proofread

  • Laughing Whitefish by Robert Traver, Michigan State University Press, 2011
  • Megan’s Hero: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas, Book 3) by Sharon Gillenwater, Revell, 2011
  • A Killer Among Us (Women of Justice, Book 3) by Lynnette Eason, Revell, 2011
  • 10 Things Jesus Never Said: And Why You Should Stop Believing Them by Will Davis Jr., Revell, 2011
  • Tomorrow’s Garden (Texas Dreams, Book 3) by Amanda Cabot, Revell, 2011
  • When Life’s Not Working: 7 Simple Choices for a Better Tomorrow by Bob Merritt, Baker Books, 2011
  • Personality Plus at Work: How to Work Successfully with Anyone by Florence Littauer and Rose Sweet, Revell, 2011
  • Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God by Paul Copan, Baker Books, 2011
  • The Search: A Novel by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Revell, 2011
  • Never Been Kissed: A Novel by Melody Carlson, Revell, 2011
  • The God Girl Bible by Hayley DiMarco, Revell, 2011
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting: A Guide for Starting Any Kind of Church by Aubrey Malphurs, Baker Books, 2011
  • Christmas at Harrington’s by Melody Carlson, Revell, 2010
  • Two Hours to Freedom: A Simple and Effective Model for Healing and Deliverance by Charles H. Kraft, Chosen Books, 2010
  • Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half: Why Differences Make a Marriage Great by Rick Johnson, Revell, 2010
  • What Happened to My Life: Finding New Passion, Purpose, and Joy by Danna Demetre, Revell, 2010
  • The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman, Revell, 2009
  • Held Hostage: A Serial Bank Robber’s Road to Redemption by Ken Cooper, Chosen Books, 2009
  • Marriage 101: Building a Life Together by Faith by Jewell R. Powell, Revell, 2009
  • Deliverance from Evil Spirits: A Practical Manual by Francis MacNutt, Chosen Books, 2009
  • A Passion Redeemed (Daughters of Boston, Book 2) by Julie Lessman, Revell, 2008
  • The Rook (The Bowers Files 2) by Steven James, Revell, 2008
  • Love Busters: Protecting Your Marriage from Habits that Destroy Romantic Love by Willard F. Harley Jr., Revell 2008

Partial list of books indexed

  • Finnish American Rag Rugs: Art, Tradition, and Ethnic Continuity by Yvonne R. Lockwood, Michigan State University Press, 2009
  • Pandora’s Locks: The Opening of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway by Jeff Alexander, Michigan State University Press, 2009
  • The Long Conversation: 125 Years of Sidwell Friends School by James Zug, Sidwell Friends, 2008
  • The Guardian: The History of South Africa’s Extraordinary Anti-Apartheid Newspaper by James Zug, Michigan State University Press, 2007
  • Michigan’s Economic Future by Charles L. Ballard, Michigan State University Press, 2006
  • Modeling Archaeological Site Burial in Southern Michigan: A Geoarcheological Synthesis by G. William Monaghan and William A. Lovis, Michigan State University Press, 2005


“Sandra Judd is very professional and did a wonderful job. She gave me some good advice of how to organize my book and did a good job of copyediting. She helped me to finish and polish my work. I will look for her help again in the future.” – Irene Petra
“Sandra Judd was outstanding! She proved exceptional at cleaning-up and correcting what were a surprising number of errors in my grammar and flow. She has certainly made me look good and my manuscript far more readable. Sandra is truly a professional and well worth the investment in polishing and professionalizing anyone’s writings.” (On file with coordinator)
“Sandra Judd is a great person to work with. She is very professional, punctual and more importantly she knows how to bring out the best in the material she is editing.” – Rita Esuru Okoroafor
“Sandra Judd’s editing was invaluable in the process of completing a finished, polished and professional novel. The comments went beyond grammar and show she cared about all aspects of the final work. Sandra’s comments helped not only this novel, but informed the way I approach editing my next one. I would easily recommend her to any author in need of an editor.” – Frank LaPerch
“Sandy Judd was willing to take this project on, while acknowledging that she knew nothing about the technical aspects of the subject matter. I thought she added a lot of value to the project despite her lack of knowledge about hedging and financial derivatives. I’m grateful to have had her assistance.” – Tim Bishop
“I have worked with Sandra Judd before and being impressed with her work the first time, I decided to consult her again. Sandra was, as always, honest and very professional. She delivered the work on time reminding me that she is dependable and one can plan based on the time she says she will deliver. In terms of the quality of work, this time around she edited a non-fiction Christian book for me. I liked how thorough she was with the work and the kind of loopholes she identified in the manuscript in a bid to bring out the best in the book. She is indeed versatile and I enjoy working with her.” – Rita Okoroafor
“Sandra Judd did an outstanding job for me on my novel. Although I did not have the full edit, I paid Sandra to read the book. She prepared an eleven page report for me. She was comprehensive and thorough. I was thrilled with her work and it exceeded my expectations.” – L. Farquhar
“I was elated to find your website. Finding someone to edit a fiction work, in my experience, is not easily done. Unquestionably, not by way of integrity and ability to keep the writer’s unique objective. Sandra Judd responded to my query and I found her to be expressive and direct to all of my questions. I feel that I have learned from my experience with her. Her editing comments, corrections to spelling and grammar and professional input further captured the thoughts and intent of the characters, which I believe delivered the appropriate comprehension intended for the story. Certainly, I have found this experience to be praise worthy!” – Evelyn Robinson
“Excellent! Exceeded my expectations.” – S.J. Seymour
“We are so impressed with Sandra’s editing skills, ethics and integrity. She is very easy to work with. Her editing and comments elevated my own work, and I will most definitely be using her to edit other manuscripts. On a personal note, I felt very safe giving Sandra my work, and she did not let me down!” – B. Scott
“Sandra did a great job of turning around my manuscript on time and cleaned up the style to help make my novel shine.” (On file with network coordinator)
“Outstanding, knowledgeable, and very professional.” – Thomas Hay
“I truly appreciate Sandra’s effort in editing this work.I had concerns as to whether she could edit keeping the Nigerian culture I had written about, but she did it fantastically. I also appreciate how she helped to bring clarity to the novel yet keeping my voice. What I loved most about her was meeting the deadline.This made me feel she is someone I can count on, and I would not hesitate to contact her for future projects. The network responded to my request professionally and on time. Unlike other networks who had reservations working with me because I am Nigerian, this network was not biased and treated me very professionally.” – Rita Okoroafor
“Ms. Judd is an incredible editor and someone whose opinion I respect because she is a published author. From the first prompt correspondence I knew that her services would be perfect for my project. In addition to editing my manuscript, she gave me useful comments and the perspective that I was seeking to make my manuscript better. She was also very knowledgeable about the type of editing that I was in need of and also about my subject. I am very satisfied with the cost of service and the services rendered. I will use Ms.Judd for all future projects.” – Angela Thornton
“I found Sandra Judd’s editing of my novel to be very professional,her comments and insights always clear, precise and helpful. From the start she has been easy to communicate and work with. She listened to my concerns and questions, offered suggestions that respected both my style and what I wanted to achieve. And her work was completed early!” – Steve Munson, pastor/writer
“Overall, I am pleased with the service and editing of mystery. Sandra’s edits helped with the transitions within the story,making it smoother and easier to read.” (On file with network coordinator)
“I chose Sandy because from the initial contact she gave me great examples of changes she’d make on my manuscript. Any questions I had she responded quickly and just overall made me feel comfortable and supported!!” – Tina Klock
“High professionalism, ability to express facts and concepts,availability, easy contact. Excellent!” – Nina Subbotina
“Sandy Judd is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. Her regular encouragement, gentle prodding, and knowledge of the industry were invaluable to me. She became more than an editor;she became a friend!” – Martha Bolton, author of 84 books of humor and inspiration
“I was very happy with Sandy. She answered emails promptly. I had an issue with my text that went beyond editing (embedded tables), and Sandy had someone figure out how to fix it. No worries. Very satisfied.” – On file
“While I have never met Sandy Judd face to face, I have used her services as a copy editor since 1997. She is easy to work with, extremely competent, and has helped me improve my writing skills.I will continue to use her services as long as she is available.” – Lewis C. Forrest, Ed.D., technical writer and published author,North Carolina
“As senior editor of a book publishing company, I used Sandy Judd’s services for several years as a proofreader and copy editor. Her detail-oriented skills and her unfailing ability to meet deadlines kept her at the very top of my list.” – Kathryn Deering, Ann Arbor, Michigan
“I kept Sandra Judd as busy as she’d let me while I was senior editor at Servant Publications (1995–2001). She produced high-quality work on time and at reasonable cost. I highly recommend her.” – Heidi Hess Saxton, former senior editor, Servant Publications